Healing Stones in Mythology and History

The earliest reports of the healing properties of gemstones date as far back as the fourth millennium B.C.E. They can be found in Sumerian writings and the transcriptions from Indian vedic texts.

In the Vedic tradition, naturopathic medicine was known as Ayurveda. It describes how to prepare elixirs, pastes and powders made from gemstones. Doctors in India would place colored gemstones on the painful areas of their patients’ bodies, using them as channels for the light and warmth of the sun.

Knowledge of these ancient practices had for a time been all but lost, but today it again forms part of the medical curriculum in Indian universities.

In the first Chinese medical book, written 5,000 years ago by Shen Nung, the Red Emperor, can be found detailed descriptions of gemstones and their influence on the human body.

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