Our Lovely Furry Friends

Pets are a major part of a lot of people’s lives. They give us warmth, comfort, unconditional love, and joy. Some people are dog lovers, other cat lovers, others have more exotic preferences. Whatever the case, pet owners get so much enjoyment out of their pets that they want them to be as healthy and happy as possible. This is why Energy Muse has created Energy Paws for your pets!

Energy Paws “Blessings”
Stone: Amethyst

Energy Paws is wearable energy for animals. Each piece is individually handcrafted in the USA. “Blessings” reminds your pet that the house they live in is a blessing. They will therefore be more loving towards you and your belongings. (Finally, no more chewed shoes!)

Energy Paws “Calming”
Stone: Blue lace agate

Before placing on collar, set an intention for your lovable pet and they will feel the healing energy of the gems. The “Calming” piece is for dogs and cats who are overly hyper or have too much energy they can’t get out.

Energy Paws “Happiness”
Stone: Citrine

The “Happiness” piece brings your pet positive feelings and love. Your pet will be more loving to you in return because of all the happiness that he or she will feel!

Energy Paws “Health”
Stone: Turquoise

The “Health” piece is for a pet that has been feeling sick or has been aging¬†noticeably. This piece will make your pet feel healthier through the power of turquoise gemstone energy which has been a healing agent to civilizations for thousands of years.

Energy Paws “Love”
Stone: Rose Quartz

Our pets can feel unloved if we punish them for doing something bad, go on a trip and leave them at home, or even if we do not let them get enough sunshine outside. The “Love” pendant lets your pet feel the loving energy that is constant for your pet.

Energy Paws “Protection”
Stone: Black Onyx

For the wandering cat who stays outside or the dog that likes to run out of the house close to a busy street, this “Protection” charm helps steer pets clear of danger.


Give your pets good energy with our Energy Paws charms. Your cats and dogs will thank you!



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