Dharma meaning natural law is a concept that is central to Indian philosophy and religion. Dharma designates those behaviours considered necessary for the maintenance of the natural order of things.  Therefore dharma may encompass ideas such as duty,  vocation, religion and everything that is considered correct, proper or decent behavior. The idea of dharma as duty or propriety derives from an idea found in India’s ancient legal and religious texts that there is a divinely instituted natural order of things. Justice, social harmony and human happiness require that human beings discern and live in a manner appropriate to the requirements of that order.



Energy Muse, along with Lifestyle and dharma expert, Lissa Coffey, have designed a new line of dharma charms that will fill your life with purpose, meaning, calmness and understanding using ancient Indian principles mixed with modern day expert advice!

Lissa Coffey- lifestyle expert, author of What’s Your Dharma?

Four charms were designed to harness the principles of dharma. These charms can be life changing if used in the proper way. Ancient Indian philosophy has been used for thousands of years, now you can have it at your finger tips through Energy Muse.

To Be/Raja Charm
For the Path of Meditation

This Dharma charm above is made with Amethyst, for the Path of Meditation. Purple is the color of the crown chakra, which connects our physical being to the spiritual realm. Raja Yoga is introspective. It encourages us to be and to behold.

To Know/Jnana Charm
For the Path of Knowledge

This Dharma charm above is made with Turquoise, for the Path of Knowledge. Blue is associated with the throat chakra and the third eye chakra, which aids in our communication and intuition. Jnana Yoga stimulates our intellect and encourages us to think.

To Love/Bhakti Charm
For the Path of Love & Devotion

This Dharma charm above is made with Malachite, for the Path of Love and Devotion. Green is associated with the heart symbol, two halves coming together to create one. Bhakti Yoga shows us that our purpose is to love. It allows us to use our emotions to feel.

To Serve/Karma Charm
For the Path of Work & Service

This Dharma Charm above is made with Citrine, for the Path of Work and Service. Gold is associated with the sun that serves us all, and brings light to the whole world. Karma Yoga engages us physically, calling us to serve and work.

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