Jenna Dewan and Energy Muse

We go way back with Jenna Dewan-Tatum. (Some of you may know her as the lucky wife of Channing Tatum!) She is sweet, kind-hearted, and loves Energy Muse Jewelry. Jenna is so in love with our line that she actually custom designed her own piece on sale on our website! She was recently spotted wearing one of our pieces because she believes in the power of crystal energy that is manifested through our jewelry. One piece in particular, our power bracelet, was designed by Jenna and is a favorite amongst Energy Muse fans.

Designed by Jenna Dewan Tatum and Energy Muse, the “Power” vegan bracelet represents respect for exotic animals while tapping into the energy of one’s own inner power and bringing it out into the world.

This bracelet incorporates nine stones that will assist you in tapping into your inner power and strengths. Leopard skin jasper for grounding, yellow tiger’s eye for movement, red tiger’s eye for motivation, yellow jasper for courage, silver leaf jasper for awareness, rhyolite to keep you in the present, carnelian for strength, serpentine to assist you in transforming and turquoise to anchor you health-wise. Jenna insisted that a portion of the proceeds be donated to PETA and indeed they are! We love and appreciate the animal community and strive to help in any way that we can.

Jenna’s husband wearing Energy Muse

We wish Jenna the best of luck with her career. While her talent has gotten her this far in the industry, her Energy Muse bracelets give her the extra push to go from celebrity to super star both on the inside and out!

Jenna designing the power bracelet with our founder, Heather


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