Stone Readings: Revealing the Mystery of Your Subconscious Desire

Hundreds of ancient civilizations since the beginning of time have used gemstones for guidance.

Energy Muse founder and expert on stone readings, Heather Askinosie, explains the significance behind stone readings. They are highly personalized, unique and a very powerful energy tool that assists in balancing the chakra energies in the body. This, in turn, helps the person to focus and direct willpower.

Energy Muse Jewelry founder and expert stone reader, Heather Askinosie

The customized reading aids in removing negative energy around the person and allows the opportunity of desired outcomes to become reality. The stone reading is also a way to attract better health, prosperity, relationships, and much more.

How it works is that the person receiving the stone reading picks from a batch of 150 stones and chooses the ones that look the most appealing or that stand out. There is not a specified number that should be picked. The stone reader looks at the energy of the stones picked and the combination chosen to reveal the inner subconscious of the person who chose the gemstones.

Heather giving a stone reading

Positive affirmation cards can also be used alongside stone reading techniques. These are cards with different pictures and positive messages on them that reveal the spirit of the person receiving the stone reading. They also add another component to the actual reading. The cards make the reading more clear, and make the person feel more balanced and healthy by the end of the session.

“Stone readings are powerful mediums of getting to a deeper soul level of what is going on within so that you create the life that you want with that,” says Heather. Stone readings are important in creating positive energy and awareness of the self in individuals.

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