Confidence is Key

Confidence, or lack of it, is the difference between success and failure in life. If we have confidence in ourselves, then we will go way further in our careers, love lives, and personal endeavors then we ever would be able to without it. How does one simply start to become more confident though? Half of the game is mindset- believing that we have what it takes to be our best selves. The other half can be helped using the phenomenal powers of crystal energies.

Confidence with Coin Necklace
Courage, Vitality, Energy

The stone of confidence is carnelian. It is an orange stone that helps to align and balance the 2nd chakra. When the 2nd chakra is balanced, we are able to have better conversation and articulate ourselves clearer. Therefore, it is good to wear this stone when public speaking, for example. It is also a good stone to wear for someone trying to become famous. Carnelian and other orange stones provide a shield of energetic protection. This in turn, attracts more people who become interested in the person’s habits and whereabouts. Kristen Davis from the hit show “Sex and the City” has been known to wear carnelian for this purpose and it seems to work for her.

voice necklace worn by Kristen Davis (no longer in stock)

On top of bringing confidence to the wearer, carnelian also helps with sensuality, passion, and happiness. This means that it will bring the wearer security in love as well. It is a wonderful stone to wear for anyone who wants to be more successful or simply wants to improve a lagging love life in a short amount of time.

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