Let’s Talk About Love

Everybody wants to find love at some point. It is one of the basic necessities of life. Whether you are already in a dedicated relationship or still searching for that special someone, gemstones can help both men and women find and maintain their love connections throughout life. By simply wearing the right stones, true love will be easier to come by and keep.

For women, pink colored stones are perfect to attract love. Pink is the color associated with the heart chakra. Stones such as rose quartz, pink tourmaline, and pink rhodonite help to find and keep love in a few ways. First, thesee stones help in particular with opening the and healing the heart. They carry the energy of self worth.

rose quartz

pink tourmaline

pink rhodonite

Often times, women do not feel that they are lovable or worth being loved. Crystals such as the ones mentioned above help to shift and heal negative attitudes and opinions of the self. Stones help to relsease negative emotions and allow energy flow to become unblocked. Emotional baggage is discarded or at least not focused on as much after about ten days of wearing the stones.

For men who are looking to find or keep the love of their lives, green stones are perfect. Green is the color associated with the heart chakra which increases vitality and enthusiasm for life. A stone like green malachite penetrates the male mind and spirit more than a pink stone does. It facilitates the release of negative experiences so one can heal and regain hope. It is very inspiring, purifying and compassionate and attracts love by opening the heart. Wearing this stone for 10 days can show amazing results in a man’s love life.

green malachite

Finding and keeping love is complicated for some people, but it does not have to be. Gemstones can assist in balance and stability. Pink stones for women, and green stones for men are the key to a long and lasting love life that leaves the person fulfilled and happy.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Love

  1. I have a question…I’ve always heard that the color green (and green malachite) were associated with the heart chakra and red crystals were more suited to the root chakra. You mention green malachite being a more appropriate choice for opening the male root chakra. Can you explain?

  2. You are absolutely right, green malachite is indeed associated with the heart chakra. Green and pink are the colors of the heart chakra. Most men will not wear pink stones so this is why green is good for them so they can also use the stones to heal the heart.

  3. Fantastic! Thanks for your quick reply 🙂

  4. Paul Cesano on said:

    Love it

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