Release Your Inner Goddess

Every woman has one. An inner spirit that motivates, captivates, and radiates positive energy from the inside out. The Energy Muse Goddess line helps release positive vibrations through the power of crystal energy!

Lakshmi Bracelet
Abundance, Light, Joy

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of abundance. She provides light, joy, happiness and success to those who are willing to put aside their worries and trust that the universe is working to give us what we want.

High Priestess Necklace – Long Style
Divinity, Adornment, Beauty

The High Priestess is the goddess of inner wisdom and strength. Her energy enables you to tap into your true essence and connect with the divine energy that flows through you.

Quan Yin Bracelet
Nurturing, Innocence, Balance

Quan Yin is the Asian goddess of compassion and mercy. She is known as the Divine Mother. She aids and assists all those who call on her. Quan Yin encourages us to be kind to ourselves and realize how perfect we are at this very moment.

Orion Necklace
Inspiration, Strength, Intuition

Orion is the beautiful hunter and lover known for his larger than life presence. His constellation is the shape of a man with a wide belt around his middle and a great sword hanging from his belt. The Dog Star, Sirius is at his heel and follows him through the sky. He has been a constant energy in the sky since the beginning of time. It is said that the Orion system is a portal that transmits the healing energy from the sun.

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