Gemstone of the Day: Charoite

Charoite assists in grounding the spiritual self and awakens intellect.

Charoite aligns the energy of love in the heart and the higher spiritual dimensions of the crown chakra together.

Strength bracelet

Charoite resonates with the heart helping release anger, guilt and old unwanted energy. It allows the wearer to forgive choices they have made in the past, accepting them as lessons learned. It assists in instilling the strength to create the present moment as perfect and limitless.

strength bracelet with strength necklace

Charoite is a rare gemstone not discovered by the outside world until the year 1978! It was named so because it was found near the Chara River in Russia.

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4 thoughts on “Gemstone of the Day: Charoite

  1. Karen Bird on said:

    Where can I find the strength necklace.

  2. Karen Bird on said:

    Thanks, I have the bracelet and love it, was just wanted a necklace also.

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