Activating Your Energy Muse Jewelry

Energy Muse Jewelry offers a new concept in jewelry wear. We call it Activated Jewelry and it has been designed with your intention in mind. At a cellular level, both Quartz crystal and the human body are made of silicon dioxide; a mineral that attracts energy and fuels communication. As a result, there is an interactive relationship between gemstones and our own energetic makeup. Energy Muse pieces are designed with ancient patters and high quality gemstones to dissolve blockages and encourage harmony throughout the body. All that is required to activate them is your unique intention.

Recommended methods of cleansing your Energy Muse jewelry:

1. Place the jewelry on the soil or branches of a healthy house plant for 24 hours

2. Place the jewelry outside under the sun or moon for 4 hours

3. Steadily hold the jewelry in the smoke of a burning sage stick until the piece becomes completely still.

4. Lay the jewelry on a piece of Selenine or Quartz crystal for at least 6 hours

Cleanse and activate your jewelry with intention often. For optimum results, wear your jewelry for 10-21 days straight (it is okay to take it off at night).

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