Nurture Yourself By Connecting To the Earth

Nurture Coin Bracelet
Comfort, Heal, Support

This Energy Muse piece is designed to reconnect yourself with the energy of the Earth so you can Nurture yourself into a state of mental and physical wellbeing. Nurturing starts with paying attention to your needs and feelings, because to feel is to heal. As we nurture ourselves through rest, breathing and time in nature, the mind, body and spirit begin to refuel.

Turquoise is known as a master healer; it is worn for protection, health and good fortune. Turquoise represents the sky and brings blessings from above. Coral helps to reconnect with our feelings and re-instills faith. Russian Serpentine helps to calm and soothe an overactive mind.

When you are able to Nurture yourself, you can Nurture others. Ask yourself: What do I need? What does my body need? What does my spirit need? Listen and you will hear the answer. Nurture yourself; this is a road to healing.

Nurture Wrap
Comfort, Support, Heal

Affirmation: I am connected to the energy of the earth. I allow myself to Nurture my mind, body and spirit by plugging into the energy of the earth.

Nurture necklace

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