All About Rings!

Summer is coming soon. The weather is heating up, the beach is getting crowded, and summer shorts are being worn for the first time since last year. Why not start your summer right with an Energy Muse ring! Rings are very big right now. Those who do not want the tan line that a necklace or bracelet would leave can simply slip on a ring to look put together in seconds. Here at Energy Muse, we have an array of rings that are being discontinued meaning that they are only available while supplies still last! These rings are 50% off!!!!!! An amazing deal that you must take advantage of!

1st Chakra Ring
survival, security, vitality, manifestation



Everyone has seven chakras. Chakras are different forms of energy within the body. The ring above is made of red garnet, aligning the 1st chakra of the body- the crown chakra. It helps restore radiant health and vitality. The ring also honors the Earth.

3rd Chakra Ring
personal power, vitality, will, self-discipline



The ring above is made of citrine. It helps to align the 3rd chakra which is the throat chakra. Leading to a sense of personal power and self-discipline during trialing times. The ring honors the lifeforce.

2nd Chakra Ring
sexuality, creativity, passion

The ring above is made of carnelian. It aligns the second chakra known as the third eye chakra. It balances a healthy sex life, vast amounts of creativity, and overwhelming passion. The ring honors the creative.

6th Chakra Ring
reasoning, intuition, intellect



Align your inner chakras while looking super trendy this summer with the chakra rings being offered through our 50% off sale on! Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity!

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