Gemstones: Past and Present

Gemstones and crystals have been used to balance the body for thousands of years. Crystal energy was used by tribes who had virtually no way of contacting each other such as the Mayans and Egyptians, confirming their powers were active and effective. Nowadays, crystals are perfect for balancing energy blockages that come from the stresses of daily life. At a cellular level, the human body and quartz crystal are both made up of the mineral. This is why we are naturally receptive to the vibrations of crystals as they receive energy. When gemstones are placed on the body, they have a powerful vibratory effect that surges from the stone to the individual who embraces its energy.

Gemstones all possess different variations of energy and healing powers. Feeling down in the dumps? By simply putting on an amber necklace you could feel better within minutes. Amber, a brightly orange colored stone, promotes a sunny, carefree and optimistic attitude. It enhances motivation, drive and stimulates happiness. Believed to increase strength and attract success, amber has a soothing effect on the body. Or perhaps you are down on your luck? Jade, a light green colored stone, will fix that in no time. Jade is considered a powerful lucky charm. It is believed to improve vitality and is associated with wisdom, peace and harmony.

A stone like Kyanite encourages the wearer to be all he or she can be. It is good for uplifting one’s mood and encourages a state of bliss by allowing the wearer to express happiness. Kyanite also calms the throat chakra which is the center of expression on the body. It helps to clear energy blockages and align the chakras. Onyx, a black stone, is worn for protection and inspiration. Helps to calm one’s fears, leaving one feeling stable and secure. It releases negativity while encouraging self-control. Peridot, a green stone, is an excellent stone for cleansing, healing and aligning the heart chakra. It releases energy of softness and warmth and is nurturing to the wearer.

Some of the finest gemstones to help mind clutter and blockage include: ametrine said to possess the ability to absorb negative energy, jasper- a healing and nurturing gem, and moonstone which opens up an individual to all of their own capabilities. The spirituality and energy that come from crystals are endless, and Energy Muse Jewelry is the tunnel to the stress-free and inspirational life that you deserve.

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