A Word From the Founder of Energy Muse: Heather


Two years ago, Timmi and I traveled to Bali to attend a yoga festival and connect with our Indonesian distributors. People say that in Bali, if “the islands of the Gods” accept you, then they will let you stay.  They also say that Bali is like Maui and has Scorpio energy; it will either sting you or embrace you.  Luckily for us, Bali embraced us with open arms; and we, in turn, embraced it back.

We learned that the Balinese people use ancient Chinese coins in their sacred offering ceremonies, practiced five times daily.  Old Chinese coins were often used as offerings because they contain five different metals. They are considered the best and only the best is offered to the Gods. This helped us understand how Chinese coins have the symbolic value of money and protection, but had a spiritual significance as well. We had always been told that the coins we used in our jewelry came from the ancient beaches of Indonesia, and now we knew this was true.

While in Bali, we were introduced to Balinese coins, which are said to have even more spiritual presence and symbolic value than Chinese coins. Similar to the way Egyptians used hieroglyphics, the Balinese people recorded their ancient characters, symbols, and stories on these coins. This is why there are a variety of characters on these Balinese coins, depending on the specific story depicted. Everyone warned us of the difficulty we would have finding these coins; it is believed that only one original was made by the Gods. To find an original is unheard of, but even to find replicas is not an easy task. After relentless searching, we were lead to a Shaman, a holy man who lead his village in prayer and ceremony.

It was this man who lead us to a room filled with ancient text scrolls wrapped with rope and Chinese coins.  He was the keeper of all the knowledge. And he was the one who lead us to the Balinese coins that were used in our Bali Coin Collection.  He shared that these coins were very magical, as well as spiritual. Having these coins in your presence is said to be life changing; you will become more aware of yourself and how you interplay with others and the world of spirit.

When in Bali, one must be careful of what they say and be cognisant of their words because what you say comes true. Time files and what one wants, they get. It all comes so quickly. It is truly one of the most synchronistic place I’ve ever been to. I believe that the main reason we were lead to Bali was to find these coins and share the knowledge. The way in which we found the coins was unheard of; we met so many people and searched all over Bali, and in the end, we were lead to a tiny room that held sacred wisdom.

The Bali Coin Collection was one of the hardest to design. Two years later, after endless obstacles, I finally surrendered.  In the end, the pieces designed themselves. Only when the stones, the thread, and the sacredness aligned, it finally came together. Some things are worth waiting for.  The Bali Collection is filled with heart, soul, and spirit.

Health, contentment and trust are your greatest possessions and freedom your greatest joy.


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