All About Mojo

How is your mojo? Feel like your sensual and sexual energy could use a little firing up?  I am a firm believer in setting the stage.  The colors red and rich burgundy, scream Hot, Hot, Hot. Candles with essential oils such as ylang ylang, patchouli, neorli rose and honeysuckle get the olfactory senses attention and ready for romance.
To activate your saucy energy inside wear sensual gemstones such as sunstone, carnelian and tigers eye. Indulge in some of your favorite chocolate— believed to be the food of the Gods. The options are endless for a sensual new you. Baths, massage, music, and romantic visualization are all energy enhancing ideas. Pick your passion or let your passion pick you. Have fun, be playful, laugh and love – always a winning combo.



These stones have been used for thousands of years to ‘set the stage’ for romance



The Second Chakra is connected to sexuality, creativity and personal power.  When this Energy Center is re-aligned sexual intimacy and sensual pleasure are restored.

The Fire Bracelet represents vitality, strength and energy.  It opens and stimulates the forces and juices that lie within.

The Attraction Bracelet is worn to attract love.  It helps to open the heart, expand romantic communication and enhance sexual attraction.

With Energymuse bracelets your mojo will get that boost that you’ve been waiting for. Oftentimes life is stressful, and our chakra gets out of whack. Once it is balanced your mojo will follow bringing you happiness and energy like never before.


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  1. Excellent post! Loved it

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