William Levy And EnergyMuse

William Levy, long time actor and model, dominated the competition on Dancing With the Stars beating out fellow contestants such as Gladys Knight and Donald Driver amongst others. But how did an actor with relatively no dance experience master the dance styles and win the hearts of all three judges by the end of his run? This video shows his final dance on Dancing With the Stars…

Final dance

Clearly visible on William Levy’s wrist is a bracelet—an oddity in itself considering that Levy never ever usually wears jewelry. At a closer glance it is apparent that the bracelet is actually a power bracelet from EnergyMuse! Designed by Jenna Dewan Tatum and Energy Muse, the “Power” vegan bracelet represents respect for exotic animals while tapping into the energy of one’s own inner power and bringing it out into the world.

What better way to harness your inner strength during times of uncertainty? Clearly, uncertainty was a major factor for William Levy considering that he had no formal dance training. Tapping into the potential of the power bracelet by energymuse gave William the confidence and energy to wow the judges and all of America. Who needs a trophy at the end of the competition when you have a new and powerful source of energy right on your wrist!

Jenna Dewan wearing the power bracelet

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One thought on “William Levy And EnergyMuse

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    Such a shame that he lost.

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